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Kelley Flanagan talking about her relationship with Peter Weber

“Nope, not at all.” Kelley Flanagan didn’t think twice about what her feelings for Peter Weber would’ve been successful when he selected her first -or if she could have had a harder time negotiating with him in the 24th season of The Bachelor.

“You’re only limited, like, what you can do,” the lawyer of 29 recently spoke about filming the show in an episode of “Bachelor Regrets” on DailyGossip’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. “If producers would like to give you this time, they’ll be sure that they give you the time. So , even if you’re sitting there and plead and you plead, it’s not going to resolve your problem.”

Kelley was a participant in the 30 year-old pilot’s season in 2020 but was dropped before the home dates.

“You could just see how different people are treated,” the Chicago native said. “If someone wants to speak to him, then of course there are times even some people are asked to speak to him. But if you approach them politely, such as they are aware of what you’re looking to accomplish. But if you don’t get the green light to proceed, what do you intend to do? Beg and plead? They’re aware and it’s all on their website. It was not my intention to play the role of someone else that were a few instances where production and I became involved However there was nothing I could do to make it better. I could sit here and think that I would have fought more. I would like to have done this. I would have liked to do this. I took part in all date nights. I was able to do to be my best in lots of ways, but overall I did not feel like there was much pressure for me.”

When Kelley previously claimed the notion that she had been “trapped in a closest” during filming She also stated to Us on the show the podcast that “wouldn’t necessarily quote unquote say trapped, but let’s just say I was excluded from everyone else for several hours by myself.”

She said, “Every once in a period of time the producer would appear and then I would mention that it was a bit difficult to be satisfied and wanted to get back down, she would simply claim that her microphone wasn’t working and she wasn’t able to. I’m like, listen”I’ve just spoken with one producer. I’m aware that microphones can go for miles and you shouldn’t just sit there and excuse me.'”

After Peter was able to end things with the winner (and briefly engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss) and later third place Madi Prewett Peter along with Kelley dated for a period of 10 months. When they first met, Madi made headlines for declaring that Peter continued to reach for her, while Hannah Ann often threw shade at the previous leader.

“I actually knew what was going on,” Kelley revealed to Us about any concerns she had about Peter’s past prior to the beginning the relationship. “I was checking to see the texts, and when I looked at the last text messages and was able to see the words being spoken. There was nothing hidden there , which isn’t the truth. Therefore, I would be more worried however, I was right in the middle of knowing what was happening. Then I thought”Why is that stated when it’s not true however this is what it is.”

Peter and Kelley have split in December 2020 and then having a brief reconciliation in early 2021. When they decided to end their relationship to end their relationship in the month of February, the pair became the talk of the town for telling different stories about their breakup.

When asked if she regretted any remarks (or illicit TikToks) made regarding their breakup, Kelley concluded, “Not in the least. Let me tell you I could have made better.”

For more information from Kelley to find out if she regrets her engagement with Bennett Jordan’s flirtation check out the video below and then listen to the “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

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