Kelley Flanagan Recaps Ivan Hall’s “Bachelor in the Paradise” Drama: ‘The Producers Are very strict about their phones’

Kelley Flanagan and Ivan Hall. Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock; ABC/Craig Sjodin

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Kelley Flanagan recapped the Tuesday episode on September 28 of Bachelor in Paradise on DailyGossip’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. And she’s part of team Ivan Hall!

A Bachelorette season 16 alumni quit Mexico in the Tuesday episode when Wells Adams confronted him for getting out of his hotel room after the crew was required to leave the beach due to an ensuing storm. According to Ivan who was present, he learned that Bachelor season 24 alumni Alexa Caves had been detained in the hotel following the phone of a producer was left unlocked. Ivan later went to see Alexa who was scheduled to be arriving in Paradise on a different time.

“I actually know Ivan well and I know [his roommate] Noah [Erb] well, I started crying laughing when Noah was like, ‘I went to bed,'” Kelley started on the 29th of September, on a Wednesday episode of “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. “I appreciate Noah for not ratting on me in any way however, I was laughing. … It was funny because I was texting them both the other night, and giving the impression that they were sexy. I thought”Guys, what’re your doing?’ when it comes to Ivan It’s like you shouldn’t be blamed. I’ll explain why, because these producers are very tight with their phones. They don’t allow you to play around with their phones. They aren’t the kind of people who just leave their phones around. Personally, I believe — regardless of whether it was an error or not, I believe it was planted in particular since he mentioned”the first thing that he noticed he saw when he first saw the phone was the numbers of the room. It was say an actual phone and contained text messages as well as the screen for home, or somethinglike that it’s one thing however, when you examine the phone and you see it’s in the rooms of everyone it’s likely the phone was planted just a more.”

The lawyer said “Hey brilliant idea It worked well. If the intention was there that is, then it worked. If not then who is to say.”

During the show, Ivan apologized to the actors — for example, Chelsea Vaughn, whose rose was apparently his -and then left prior to the ceremony of the rose.

“He knew the girl that he liked was there and he just went for it,” Kelley continued. “It’s similar to similar to the time you sneak out of middle school and become ecstatic. You’re like, “Oh my God. This is kind of what it’s like appearing on this show. There are lots of regulations, and so many rules that, when you break a rule or do something tiny, you’re an absolute badass. That’s why I’m certain Ivan thought, “Let’s do it. I don’t think there’s a lot of people taking his word for it however. I don’t believe there’s enough backlash.”

Ivan has hinted in the past it’s possible that there’s more related to his relationship with Alexa who was never at the beach on the Tuesday episode. MyKenna Dorn, as well as Anna Redman, however, were on the beach during the final moments of production.

“I am very sorry for MyKenna. I’m very close to MyKenna She was eager to go to Paradise it was like it was a dream come true event,” Kelley told Us. “She was excited and euphoric. Then to realize that they basically keep the person in quarantine for so long only to have you out into the world the week after with everyone having connections. I was so sad for her as if she had no options. She was very professional and, honestly. I believe she did very well. I’m sorry for her because, well I believe that for many people think her expectations were very high, and she ended up being frustrated with what she experienced.”

To get a complete account of Kelley and an opportunity to play Bachelor Regrets, listen to Wednesday’s episode of the “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

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