Keith Richards Releases Book for Children

Keith Richards is working to release a children’s book. Even though it might seem curious, the rocker is determined to complete this project. 

The Rolling Stones star announced on Tuesday that he already started working at this project, which will be released during this fall. The star said that he has a deal with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers for the story Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar.

This will be a picture story, so it will include various illustrations, which are in fact going to be designed by Richards’ daughter, Theodora Richards. The whole story will be beautiful, as this is a family project. Moreover, the story itself is inspired from Richards’ life, being based on his grandfather, Gus Dupree. 

In the book, Richards will present a magical moment he had with his grandfather. The 70 year old star is the grandson of the highly famous jazz musician Theodore Augustus Dupree. Richards is now the grandfather of 5, so he claims that he can perfectly understand what a special bond exists between grandparents and grandchildren. 

“The bond, the special bond, between kids and grandparents is unique and should be treasured. This is a story of one of those magical moments. May I be as great a grandfather as Gus was to me,” Keith Richards said. For the musician, his grandfather had an important role, being the one who inspired him to develop a musical career. 

In the book Richards shows how his grandfather introduced him to music for the first time. This made Theodora extremely excited with the project, as well. The daughter of Keith Richards said that she wanted to be part of the project to “be able to explore my father’s relationship with his grandfather was a gift in itself,” as she said.

This is not the first book for Keith Richards. The star published his memoir book Life back in 2010. The book turned out being a success. Maybe this will also be the case for the children’s book that Keith Richards plans on releasing soon. 

The release date has been announced as September 5. The book will come with a CD, as well. Moreover, it will be available as an eBook. The book will feature a collection of family photographs, too. 

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