Keanu Reeves Finds Intruder in his Home

Keanu Reeves surely had an undesired surprise when he found an intruder in his home, in the middle of the night. It seems that the intruder broke into his home, while Keanu was sleeping. 

The actor heard some sounds coming from his library and when he went in, he actually found a woman who has broken into his home. The intruder was sitting on his chair and actually she claimed that she was there with the sole purpose to meet the famous actor. Naturally, Keanu Reeves called 911 and the woman was taken to the police station. 

So, it seems that the intruder who broke into Keanu Reeves’ home was just a fan willing to do anything just to meet her favorite actor. The lady, a woman in her mid-40s, was taken for a psych evaluation. Until now, there are no details on how the lady knew where Keanu Reeves was living and moreover how she managed to get through security and enter into the property. Well, if finding out the address is not that hard, the way she managed to enter the home remains a mystery, moreover since TMZ described the property as a “fort.”

Los Angeles Police officials claimed that around 5 a.m. “patrol officers responded to a burglary in progress in the 9000 block of Thrasher Avenue.” “Officers detained one female at the location in her 40s,” the statement added. Reeves himself met with the cops and told them that the lady should definitely not be there. 

The woman was not arrested, but since she was “behaving erratically” she “was taken to a medical facility to be evaluated,” the police statement added. Investigation is continuing on this case. A rep for the popular Hollywood star is yet to comment on the incidents. 

However, Keanu Reeves is not the only actor who has been in the situation of finding an intruder in his home. Sandra Bullock has found herself in a similar situation in June, when a man entered her property. It had been reported that Sandra saw the man in the hallway, when she opened her bedroom door. 

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