Ke$ha Gets New Lip Tattoo

Ke$ha always makes impressive appearances every time she launches a new album or a single. We have grown accustomed to the fact that the pop star would go great lengths to prove that she is rebellious, so the new lip tattoo she got isn’t the least surprising.

However, it is the place of the recent tattoo that puzzles us as there are few people who have inked the inside of their lower lip. Ke$ha is one of them as the artist posted a picture on her Twitter account, on Wednesday letting people know that she wrote “Suck It!” on her lip. The image was accompanied by the message “New Tatt!!!” which was followed by a reference to Alchemy Tattoo in Silver Lake, California.

The 25-year-old interpreter is not new to inks. In fact, she has five other tattoos on her body and two of them were made by her. The “Tik Tok” artist is very good at do-it-yourself ink models and she only needs a safety pin and a pen to paint her skin. Some of her friends have even agreed to wear Ke$ha’s inks on their skin. Wayne Coyne, the frontman for the Flaming Lips, is one of the singer’s “clients” and she was very pleased with the final results. He told People magazine that Ke$ha’s tattoos are different because they are very little and they are usually placed on skin areas that are not always visible. Since Coyne didn’t have other tattoos, the singer suggested him to place it on his foot and, thus, he didn’t have to hide it if he no longer liked it.

The Nashville native doesn’t do tattoos only for rock stars; she is happy to help everybody even if she doesn’t know them. She recently applied an ink to a “hot dude” who was sitting in the lobby of the hotel. According to by passers, the singer didn’t need any professional tools as the model came out right with just a pen and a sewing kit.

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