Ke$ha Completes Rehab Program

Singer Ke$ha has just completed her rehab program and it seems that the star is feeling great. Ke$ha spent two months under treatment. 

The singer previously revealed that her rehab treatment was never linked to drug or substance abuse, but she had to seek care for an eating disorder. Now that she is cured, Ke$ha will return on the stage. 

To show all her fans that she is back, Ke$ha took Twitter to post a message. The star has 3.5 million fans on the popular social network. “Happy to be back,” Ke$ha shared in her message. “Feeling healthy & working on tons of new music,” she added. 

The star went on to thank once again her fans for their support during this difficult time in her life. “I can’t thank my fans enough for all the love & support u have given me. Life is beautiful. I’m so blessed to have u all,” Ke$ha also shared in her post. 

Ke$ha entered rehab almost immediately after the New Year. No one knew when the singer will complete her treatment. In fact, her return home was quite a surprise, at least this is what a source told People. A friend of the singer claimed that the star had no timeline for her treatment, so no one knew when she will be able to return home. 

In fact, it was expected for Ke$ha to spend more time under treatment, as last month the singer announced that she had to postpone her concerts. Ke$ha said that she will not be able to make it to her spring performances, as she still needs to focus on her treatment. 

It was actually appreciated that the star focused on her recovery to be able to return to the stage healthy and in perfect state. Ke$ha underwent her treatment along with her mom, Pebe Sebert, who claimed that her daughter wanted the two to heal together in the same rehab facility. 

Throughout her treatment Ke$ha has remained connected with her fans, offering them updates from the facility. While being inside the facility center, the singer claimed to receive a lot of support from her fans.

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