Kazam Introduces Thunder 450L and 450W

It seems that smartphone brand Kazam is going to release two new Windows Phones. We are talking about Kazam Thunder 450W and Thunder 450L. The difference between these two new devices is that the 450L supports 4G LTE and 450W is a 3G phone. Kazam Thunder 450L lets users enjoy extra-fast connection to the Internet for smoother music and video streaming and of course, faster browsing. 4G LTE is still relatively new, so it is recommended to check with networks to see if local area is covered by a good signal before purchasing.

Kazam Thunder 450L has a more serious design, with textured case that has a good feeling and rounded corners. On the other side, Thunder 450W is livelier, with bright colors that go perfectly with the colorful Windows Phone home screens. The neon yellow case is very bold, so users won’t have problems losing it in the dark.

Kazam Thunder 450L and 450W come with a quad-core 1.2GHz MSM8212 processor, powered by 1GB of RAM. It also has 8GB of storage, some of the space is taken up by the phone’s firmware, but the rest is available for movies, apps, music and snaps. The two phones are also equipped with a microSD card sold that goes up to 32GB of extra space. To be mentioned that the phones also have a FM radio built-in. 

Both phones feature 50inch screens with 720 high definition. It’s not a full high definition, but Kazam ensures plenty of details in games and movies. The main camera on both devices is an 8-megapixel snapper with autofocus and shooting 1080p HD video. In the front, it is located a 20megapixel camera, used for selfies or video chat, with Skype built-in to the phone. The company declared that the phone’s battery will last approximately 340 hours. This means two weeks. But only if users won’t heavily use their phones. Talk time is calculated to six and a half hours.

The new Kazam phone will be available around March or April in Europe. The prices are currently unavailable, but it will be confirmed nearer to the release date. 

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