Katy Perry to Talk about Past Relationships

Katy Perry decided to talk about the romances that have been in her life until now. The beautiful and talented singer will be featured on the cover of the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar. 

In her interview with the famous magazine, Katy also revealed what she wants in the future when it comes to relationships. One of the most interesting things that Katy was asked is what she has learned from previous relationships. “What I’ve learned is that if you don’t have the foundation of self-love first, you really have nowhere to pull love from to give it away,” the famous singer said. 

“I had to learn about taking care of myself before I could take care of others. I want to mommy everyone. I want to take care of them. I want to save them, and I forget myself in the meantime. I learned that through therapy,” Katy Perry went on to explain. Katy was then asked what she wants from a new relationship. 

The singer explained that she looks for certain things in a man: “a sense of humor—someone who makes me laugh off the charts—someone who is sensitive, someone who loves and understands music, and who is really smart.” Katy also explained why some relationships haven’t worked out the way she hoped. 

“They say they’re not, but it comes out in the long run. They’re threatened, or there’s resentment because they don’t know how to handle it,” the star went on to explain. It is simple to see why men would be intimidated by Katy Perry, who has a very strong personality, is a powerful and independent woman and an amazingly successful person.

Katy Perry was also asked how she meets the guys she dates. The star claimed that usually she meets new people through friends of friends. Commonly, this happens at dinner parties or whenever they get together. 

Katy Perry is now in the middle of a feud with popular singer Taylor Swift. The two stars are actually at war, as Taylor claims that Katy had stolen her dancers. The singer said that she considered them family and she felt betrayed. However, the dancers first worked with Katy and announced Taylor that they will return to the star once she goes on tour again. This is exactly what happened. 

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