Katy Perry & Russell Brand Spent Christmas Apart

Celebrities’ lives are nowhere near as peaceful and serene, as they’d like them to be. And when it comes to a marriage between stars, they have to handle the same issues as any other busy ‘mortal’ couple. Katy Perry and Russell Brand seem to go through something similar, as sources say they had such a massive fight, they decided to spend Christmas apart.

However, unlike everyday people who don’t have to wear shades to protect their eyes against paparazzi flashes when they leave their homes, celebrities have their own way of dealing with things. For many celebs a marriage started with ‘we want to stay together until death do us apart” usually doesn’t take that long. So far, Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage might not be just terminal, but spending Christmas 7,000 miles apart, surely doesn’t help that much.

The 27 year old singer Katy Perry decided she had enough and after having a massive fight with her husband Russell Brand she booked a flight to Hawaii. She spent her Christmas vacation at a private villa with some of her friends. A photo shows her on a beach in the Pacific Ocean off Kaui without wearing her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, the 36 year old Russell Brand had a different thing in mind. According to Daily Mail online, he went for Christmas in Cornwall, South West England. Sources say Russell Brand had lunch in a pub in Coverack village and then he went to his comedian friend David Baddiel’s charity swim.

According to E!, troubles in their 14 months marriage might have started in early December, when some reports say the actor gave his wife “Saturday Night Live” hosting advice and told Jimmy Kimmel about how they both got tattoos over Thanksgiving”.

A source interviewed by US Weekly, said “they had a massive fight. She was like ‘F—k you. I’m going to do my own thing”. Seemingly, Russell had replied: “Fine, f—k you too”. Same source said that “things are not good” and while “they haven’t split up just yet…The fighting is getting worse”.

So far, the couple has dismissed any rumors regarding potential troubles in paradise. Katy Perry has previously said on Twitter: “Just cause we don’t flaunt our relationship doesn’t mean there’s something wrong w/it. Privacy is our luxury.”

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