Katy Perry Releases Video for Dark House

Katy Perry chose to use quite an interesting idea for her Dark House music video. The star can be seen in the recently released video dressed as Cleopatra. 

The latest video released by Katy Perry is colorful and playful, while the singer looks great. Katy chose to add a modern approach to her character as the queen of Egypt and she surely looks great. The new Dark House video was released on Thursday.

Naturally, Katy Perry plays the role of the Egyptian queen, but she is dressed colorful and of course the setting creates the image on an odd era of Cleopatra. 

For the single and the video, Katy Perry decided to work with rapper Juicy J. The video is very entertaining and quite fun to watch. It will surely make fans love Katy Perry in her role of Cleopatra. 

Katy Perry has tried to change her image or better said the way she is seen in her music videos starting with the release of Rear. Now, the singer is trying to pose as a man-eating evil queen. The 29-year old singer actually has magical powers in her video. 

The video starts with a message that sets the time when it all happened: “Memphis Egypt a crazy long time ago.” Male slaves dance around Katy Parry, the star electrocutes a man by lighting from her hands and can be seen dancing alongside rapper Juicy J. 

Juicy J claimed that he loved working with Katy, who according to him is a genius. “She was by the mixing board and telling the guy what to take in and take out. She’s really hands-on with her music. She knows music,” the rapper said. 

A series of impressive outfits are worn by Katy in the video. One of her dresses was designed by Nicolas Jebran. However, in another moment of the clip, Katy dances wearing sneakers and a skirt by Maggie Barry. 

Well, the video is quite interesting and it looks that Katy Perry worked hard at its release. The star looks absolutely beautiful in the video and the new single is very catchy. There is no wonder after all that Katy Perry’s song and her new video are expected to be very successful. 

“So you wanna play with magic?” Katy Perry asks in her latest single. What do you think about Katy Perry’s latest video?

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