Katy Perry Helps Her Sister Cure Fear Of Heights

Based on a recent report published by People magazine, Katy Perry is very close to her sister, Hudson which is why the two will work together for the singer’s upcoming movie “Part of Me”. The recent trailer that Perry released features a lot of funny moments between the two, including Katy’s attempt to cure Hudson’s fear of heights.

Katy Perry’s fans will be happy to hear that the funny singer is now available in duplicate. Although the singer and her sister, Angela Hudson, are not twins they both resemble one another very much thanks to their common physical traits and their voices.

While the two did not feature together in Perry’s musical videos, the singer told the press that the relationship between the two is very strong. In fact, Angel Hudson will join her sister on the big screen in the upcoming movie “Part of Me”. Hudson confesses in the short trailer that she and her sister made a deal when they were kids. They promised each other that if one of them made it big, she would work with the other and thus, spend as much time together as possible.

Katy Perry kept her word and Angela often accompanies her on tour. Speaking of Perry’s work, Angela stated in the video that Katy works very hard when she is on tour. However, she also likes to use every opportunity she has to have fun, especially if she is in a well-renowned city. Katy usually asks her sister to come with her and they explore the fun parts of the city together.

In the video, Katy resorts to an extreme method in order to get her sister overcome her fear of heights. The two head to a water park where Angela and Katy have fun on the slide and other toys. At the end of the video, the “Teenage Dream” interpreter gives a large smile to the camera, whereas her sister tries to give the impression that she is feeling alright, but the look on her face suggests something else.

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