Katt Williams Sued By His Fans For A Bad Comedy Show

What do you do when you pay money for a concert that sucks? File a class lawsuit against the artist. Katt Williams is being sued by his fans for a bad comedy show.

I’ve always wondered how bad one comedy show has to be to have fans sue the artist. Katt Williams had such a poor performance that ten minutes in the concert he started a fight with three of his fans.TMZ writes that one of the people at Katt Williams’ concert is suing on behalf of those at his comedy show in Oracle Arena for the artist’s meltdown.

Katt Williams “confronted a heckler, took his clothes off, and attempted to fight at least three audience members” just 10 minutes after he started his concert. “I am never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever going to come back to Oakland” he was heard saying.

Despite being arrested several times for the past years, Katt Williams isn’t at his first annoyance with the fans. Last year, he had to react after he intimated and embarrassed a fan by moving a bald eagle statue on the stage and singing the National Anthem. “Do you remember when white people used to say, ‘go back to Africa’, and we had to tell them, ‘we don’t want to?’ So if you love Mexico b****, get the f*** over there!” Katt Williams ranted.

Several days later, Katt Williams issued several explanations for his Mexico rant. “I was offended because [the heckler] was making a statement that we’re not allowed to make in this country. In this country, you have to pledge allegiance to America first, and your country of origin second” he tpld TJ Holmes in an interview last year.

“And we did a lot of free work. Whatever [Mexicans] did was in another country, and we certainly applaud their history, but we don’t come here talking to sons of slaves about that” the rapper added. “And if there’s something anti-Mexican about what I said, then I apologize for the anti-Mexicaness of it. I was talking to one individual” he said.

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