Katie Holmes Takes Up Role Of Single Mom

Katie Holmes is determined to live her life as a divorcee to the fullest. The actress, who was frequently spotted in company of her six-year-old daughter, Suri, told Us Weekly that she will take up the role of a single mom in her new movie called “Molly”.

After living under Tom Cruise’s close surveillance in the past years, Katie Holmes is finally free to do whatever she wants. The actress seems to have reborn as she has taken part in all sorts of projects since she filed the divorce papers on Thursday, July 28th. In addition to the attention she has given to her daughter Suri, Holmes was also able to concentrate on her career making a guest appearance on the “Project Runaway” show.

The 33-year-old star told the press that she has co-written and co-produced a movie that is inspired from her life. “Molly”, a movie about a single mom who is fighting for the custody of her daughter, will be filmed starting next week. Since Katie is the only one who understands the grievances of the protagonist, she was chosen to interpret the role of the single mom. The filming will last until August and it will be entirely set in the New York apartment that the actress has purchased in order to obtain Suri’s full custody.

We can’t determine how successful “Molly” will be, but one thing is for sure: Katie Holmes spent a lot of time planning every single detail of her divorce. Her reps did not provide other information about the divorce except for the fact that the lawyers are currently working to reach an agreement between the two actors. The former couple wishes to keep everything private, so they will no longer release statements about their separation.

Katie Holmes will be involved in many other projects from now on. She recently finished filming “The Seagull” in May and will start shooting for “Responsible Adults” in the fall. In addition, she will launch her new line of clothes, “Holmes & Yang” during the New York’s Fashion Week.

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