Katie Holmes: I Never Look Back

Katie Holmes has been happily married to Tom Cruise for years. However, the relationship between the two ended and it seems that things are behind the star now. At least, this is what Katie recently revealed. The famous actress says that she never looks back at the time when she was Tom’s wife. 

Katie Holmes decided to make these revelations during her presence on the Today Show. She talked to Matt Lauer on Wednesday, saying that she is no longer living in the shadow of her former marriage. Katie was married to Tom Cruise, but unfortunately the couple had to divorce. 

“I never really look back,” Katie Homes revealed during this interview. “I always… just approach life, I take it one day at a time, and I’m really excited where I am right now, and this movie,” she explained, also talking about her latest project when it comes to her career. The actress also added that she is very excited about what is yet to come. 

Katie also explained that she would love for her daughter to have the same upbringing as she did. The famous actress revealed that she is “very grateful for my upbringing and my parents and siblings.” “I try to do what they did for me for my little one,” the famous star said. Katie added that she thinks it is highly important for her to make sure that Suri knows how proud she is of her. 

“Whatever I do is ‘Whatever’ … it’s really just about her and that’s what I think is most important,” Katie also said. It seems that the famous Hollywood star just loves to be a mom and she is amazingly happy with her baby daughter. 

Katie Holmes has managed to keep a low profile since the moment when she divorced. Maybe this relationship has ended, but it seems that Katie has one important thing from her marriage to famous actor Tom Cruise, naturally her beautiful daughter, Suri. Katie revealed nothing about how she manages to split parenting duties with her former husband and how important Tom is in her daughter’s life. Katie Holmes seemed to be as happy as possible during this interview.

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