Katie Holmes Gets Nothing From Tom Cruise

TMZ reports that Katie Holmes will get nothing from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Tom Cruise, based on the prenup that she signed before their marriage. The actress doesn’t want to receive money from the “Mission: Impossible” star, but is determined to get child support for her daughter, Suri.

After announcing her decision to separate from her 5-year-old husband, Katie Holmes told the press that she doesn’t want anything from Tom Cruise. The actress was never interested in Cruise’s fortune and the provisions of their prenuptial contract can prove this fact. Her reps told the press that Holmes didn’t even plan to request anything from Cruise, not even the $15 million that some said she requested.

There is, however, a condition that Katie will most likely impose to her ex-husband. The actress wants her daughter to receive child custody from her dad and the sum could be really impressive. Despite the provisions of the contract, legal representatives don’t rule out the possibility of challenging the prenuptial contract. They stated that this move is usually common among celebrities who are going through a difficult divorce, so Katie could do the same, in the end.

While Katie Holmes is in the center of attention, her husband’s reps didn’t provide any details about the separation. He is now filming in Iceland for his latest production “Oblivion”, so he probably didn’t have the time to discuss with the press. His friends, however, have stated that the star was “furious” when he found out on Friday that Katie filed for divorce and is looking to get sole custody of their daughter.

There are many chances for the actress to win the process as her accusations against Scientology might be true. The actress told the press that she thinks she is being followed by some members of the cult because they consider her a threat to their religion. Several TMZ reporters confirmed that the actress’ apartment in New York was constantly supervised by two cars. The excessive control that the members of the religion exercise upon their followers is the reason why Katie Holmes filed for divorce.

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