Katie Holmes Feels Free

Five years after their love story started, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise decided to part ways. According to a recent report published by Us Weekly, the actress is not at all saddened by the separation; on the contrary, she is happy to be free again.

In the past years, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have often been described as the perfect Hollywood couple. The two actors and their little girl, Suri, were all smiles at prestigious events, so nobody anticipated the move that Holmes made on Friday. She filed for divorce after consulting herself with a New Jersey-based lawyer.

Apparently, Katie was considering separation for a long time, but she never dared to do it because she was afraid that her daughter, Suri will be affected. As a consequence, she carefully planned every single step of her divorce in order to make sure that she will get full custody of the six-year-old child. She even rented an apartment in New York City to prove judges that Suri has a stable place to live with her mom.

Tom Cruise didn’t know anything about his wife’s plans, although sources say that there had been plenty misunderstandings between the two, in the last period of time. He was “deeply saddened” when his reps announced him that Holmes filed for divorce, but he refused to make other statement. Cruise is currently filming in Iceland for the sci-fi production “Oblivion”.

Katie, too, avoided the press. She, nevertheless, allowed reps to speak on her behalf; they told the press that the divorce is “a personal and private matter” for the actress, which is why she asks the media to respect her wish for privacy. They concluded by reassuring everyone that Katie’s main concern is and will always be her daughter’s best interest.

A week before Katie Holmes filed for divorce, the actress was spotted with her daughter on the streets of New York. The 33-year-old actress looked incredibly lively and optimistic, probably because she decided to get a divorce. Sources have confirmed that Katie has been happier than ever in the past weeks because she feels she “has been set free”.

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