Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson Rumored to be Dating

Katie Holmes is believed to be dating someone new. In fact, the new man in Katie’s life is actually one that the actress knows very well. Katie is believed to be dating Joshua Jackson again. The two have been a couple years back and it seems that they just reconnected now.

The pair allegedly started dating after they both ended their previous romances. Katie and Joshua first met on the set of Dawson’s Creek. The two dated early in the show’s run, but since then numerous years have passed. Well, the new dating rumors were reported by Life & Style, which claimed that Katie and Josh are back together after no less than 18 years since they separated.

The new report said that Joshua and Katie have found at each other support to move on from their recent separations. They are leaning on each other and they are finding what they need. An insider claimed that Katie and Joshua make a great couple and it would be really nice if things would work out between them. 

“Everyone’s hoping they rekindle their romance. All her friends have been nudging Katie to consider giving their relationship another chance. They all love him, and Katie and Josh realize what they had is rare and very special,” the insider said. The source went on to say that although the two have not admitted it, everyone believes that they are more than just “old buddies.”

The source claimed that although Katie and Joshua were very young when they first fell in love, the love is still there, so the romance may stand a chance. Katie is said to be ready to start a relationship with Joshua Jackson, after ending her relationship with famous actor Jamie Foxx. The two have been a couple for several years according to rumors, although Katie and Jamie have never confirmed the romance.

Some reports even claimed that the two famous actors were planning their wedding before announcing their separation. Some sources talking to Gossip Cop dismissed the report of Katie dating Joshua now. 

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