Katie Couric – The New Host Of “Good Morning America”

After working as a co-host at NBC’ “Today”, Katie Couric is now getting ready to become the new host of “Good Morning America”, according to the Associated Press. The morning show has registered a significant growth in audience lately and producers expect Couric to make things even better for the show.

Katie Couric will start her work as a host for ABC’s “Good Morning America” next week. According to the statement released by the television channel, Couric will replace vacationing Robin Roberts for a week. She will team up with George Stephanopoulos who has made a career as a political advisor.

Couric began her work as a co-host for “Today” in December 1995. The morning talk show has registered the best ratings each week, 850 of them being consecutive. Last week, “Good Morning America” was only a few viewers behind “Today” and producers decided to hire Couric to turn the ratings in their favor. Tom Cibrowski, senior executive producer, even confessed that the staff is making numerous efforts to win the first place each week.

Reporters tried to find out Cibrowski’s expectations for next week’s show, but he refused to make any predictions. He only stated that the appearance of Couric might determine several viewers to change the channel from “Today” to “Good Morning America”.

Couric’s job at “Today” ended in 2006 when she became a news presenter at CBS’ “Evening News”. Her collaboration with ABC started last year and now producers think she might be the element they need to increase audience.

NBC did not make any comments in relation to Cibrowski’s intentions to bring Couric on board of “Good Morning America”. In their opinion, the audience growth that ABC’s show registered within the past year is partially due to the primetime slot it occupies. Moreover, the producers have invited celebrities from famous shows, thus drawing the viewers’ attention. Last week, producers invited the “Hunger Games” actors in the studio and the percentage of viewers grew significantly.

ABC might lose its popularity within the next months as NBC is famous for broadcasting the main sports events of the summer. This year, they will televise the London Olympics which will most likely give a boost to “Today”.

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