Kathy Ireland, world’s richest supermodel, gives advice to Kate Upton

She may have been rejected by Victoria’s Secret, but there are many other celebrities in the fashion industry who would gladly help Kate Upton with her career. Take Kathy Ireland, for instance, who was recently named world’s richest supermodel, according to Inquisitr. The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl offered to advise Kate Upton in a recent interview she released for the magazine.

Kathy Ireland managed to make a fortune even though she barely graduated high-school. She was recruited as a model when she was young and immediately became one of the most used faces in campaigns. She featured in the Swimsuit Issue of the Sports Illustrated magazine every year for almost 13 years. When her collaboration with Sports Illustrated ended, the supermodel decided to set up her own business empire. This is how she founded Kathy Ireland Worldwide, an online business which sold more than $2 billion last year.

According to reporters, the fortune of the 48-year-old supermodel is worth $350 million. She is now compared with other famous supermodels like Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen and Cindy Crawford due to the size of their bank accounts. Ireland is even promoting herself as a fitness guru through the videos and books she has produced. This move will most likely add numbers to the supermodel’s wealth, too.

Ireland spoke with reporters at the Inquisitr and advised the 19-year-old model, Kate Upton, on how to become more famous. She stated that setting objectives in career will most likely help Upton determine what she wants to do in the future. In her opinion, many young models fail in this domain because they let things happen without making a plan.

We don’t know whether Kate Upton has a plan or not, but she has gained a lot of popularity, lately. The 19-year-old cover girl took part in various campaigns last year and was named “Body of The Year” by the GQ magazine. She even had a brief appearance in “Tower Heist” where she played Mr. Hightower’s Mistress. In addition, she was also co-opted to interpret Sister Bernice in the upcoming comedy “The Three Stooges”.

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