Katherine Heigl Claims She Is Not Rude

Famous actress Katherine Heigl decided to talk about the rumors indicating that she actually is quite difficult to work with. The famous Hollywood star said that she isn’t rude or unkind, as it has been claimed. 

“Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than confrontation,” the famous actress said. “I would never do it on purpose, but of course, like any other human being, I have made mistakes and unwittingly or carelessly have spoken or acted wrongly but I always try to make any wrong right,” she continued to explain. 

“That does not mean that I will not stand up for myself and ask for me to be treated kindly and respectfully. I don’t do that with any rude or unkind intentions but with the same strength and honesty that I think I’m entitled to,” Katherine Heigl concluded. 

The famous actress also went on to admit that she might have made some mistakes and if she was ever seen by someone as rude, she actually did it all unintentional. While working to promote her new series, State of Affairs, the famous actress was asked by a fan what she thinks about the rumors indicating she is a rude person. These statements were posted by the star on Facebook. 

The rumors on the fact that Katherine might be difficult to work with emerged after her Grey’s Anatomy co-star, Shonda Rimes, talked about this subject in a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter. The star said that her set colleague might not be the easiest person to get along with. 

“I do not put up with bulls**t or nasty people, I just do not have time for that,” Shonda said. When being asked to describe her new show “Scandal”, the star answered by saying “There are no Heigl’s in this equation.” Well, this is not the first time when an actor who has worked with Katherine claims that she can be a real “diva.” 

So, Katherine Heigl will be the star of State of Affairs. In the new series she will play the role of CIA officer Charlie Tucker. The story is quite interesting and it will surely be worth watching.

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