Kate Upton’s ‘Cat Daddy’ Video Gets Banned

Kate Upton was asked to do ‘The Cat Daddy’ dance while filming for the Harper’s Bazaar photo-shoot, but the video was banned by YouTube. The 19-year-old model was wearing a tiny bikini during the performance of the dance, so the video-sharing website banned it because it was considered too raunchy.

After making such a good impression with her recent photos for the Harper’s Bazaar campaign, Kate Upton returns to her Sports Illustrated image with a sexy video. Some even considered that the footage was too vulgar to be posted on YouTube, so the website banned it several hours later.

Judging by the images in the video, it looks like the sexy blonde is having fun with photographer Terry Richardson on the set. Richardson asked Kate to perform the ‘Cat Daddy’ dance on The Rej3ctz’s hip hop track with the same name. Unfortunately, she was not dressed appropriately for the occasion, that is, she was only wearing a very small two pieces bath suit and the overall look was not very pleasing.

Upton, too, was visibly bothered by the sexy moves that she was supposed to perform. The Sports Illustrated star kept her eyes lowered to the ground the whole time while the camera was recording. In the end, she burst into laughter telling Richardson that those images were the only ones that he was going to get.

As funny as the movie might have been, YouTube administrators reached the conclusion that the video did not observe the nudity policy of the website. As a result, they deleted the file, but later on, decided to put it back on the Internet and prohibit underage users from accessing it.

The whole thing started because Kate Upton was seen last year performing the dougie dance at a Los Angeles Clippers game and Richardson wanted to view it one more time. According to the Urban Dictionary, “The Cat Daddy” is the name of the dougie dance and it was coined by hip hop singer, Rej3ctz.

The video was initially posted on Richardson’s blog and it was the sensation of the Internet until YouTube deleted it. Upton was also excited about the success of her dougie and she tweeted fans that the dance “made the jumbrotron”. 

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