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Kate Moss’ Tips For Staying Stylish

Kate Moss seems to have discovered the secret to youth without age and life without death as the model remains as beautiful as always despite the years that have gone by. The 38-year-old model has agreed to reveal some of her tips for staying stylish in a recent interview she released for Telegraph UK.

Kate Moss admits that she is not a fashion victim. She prefers to stay true to the styles that best fit her and advises all women to do the same. She told reporters that her favorite combination is made up of jeans and blazer, which is why she dresses like this on most casual occasions. She likes wearing both skinny and wide-legged jeans, but in the past months, she has opted for more comfortable clothing items. Beside jeans, Moss thinks every woman should have a black pencil skirt in her closet. In her opinion, this garment is perfect for all women and may be worn on various occasions, so we should definitely buy one.

According to Moss, fashion trends should not dictate our style, but moods. The 38-year-old British model admits that she likes to prepare her outfits in advance, especially if she is going to attend an important event; however, she always wears the clothes that reflect her mood. If she is having an “off day”, Moss will most likely dress in black as she will obtain the opposite outcome if she dresses in brightly colored clothes.

The third most important aspect you need to take into consideration in order to make sure that you are always stylish is your attitude. In Kate’s view, women should not worry that they constantly wear the same clothes because it is the way they wear them that makes them look unique and enables people to identify their signature styles.

When it comes to accessories, Moss believes “less is more”. She told reporters at Telegraph UK that the accessories that we wear can turn a casual look into a glamorous outfit, but over-accessorizing will lead to unwanted effects. Kate Moss’ favorite accessories are the hat, the scarf and the sunglasses, but she never wears them all at once because she might look as if she is wearing a disguise.

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