Kate Middleton’s Nurse Dies After Phone Hoax

The nurse who treated Duchess Kate Middleton’s morning sickness, passed away after falling victim to the phone hoax of two Australian DJs. Jacintha Saldanha was found dead by her colleagues at King Edward VII Hospital on Friday morning, the Associated Press informs.

Jacintha Saldanha had an irreproachable conduct during the whole time Duchess Kate Middleton was hospitalized at the King Edward VII Hospital in London. On Tuesday morning, however, she fell victim to the prank of two Australian radio DJs who pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

The nurse didn’t seem to be bothered by the prank, but the hoax might have been fatal for her. Saldanha was found dead on Friday morning by her colleagues and none of the persons in the hospital were able to provide an explanation for her death. Police officers will continue to investigate the scene in search of new pieces of evidence that could solve the mysterious death of the woman.

John Lofthouse, the hospital’s chief executive, released a statement expressing his deepest concerns for the family of the deceased. “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies at this time are with her family and friends,” he added. Lofthouse, as well as the rest of the employees in the hospital, were shocked by the news that the nurse passed away.

The spokespersons of the Royal Family also expressed their condolences and confessed that they were surprised to hear about the nurse’s sudden death. St. James’s Palace further added that they did not reproach anything to the nurse after the phone hoax.

Jacintha Saldanha answered the phone when the two DJs made the prank. She thought the two Australians were the real royals and passed the phone conversation to another nurse in Kate Middleton’s ward. The second nurse provided many details about the Duchess’ medical condition causing the hospital to revise their phone protocols at the end of the day. Kate Middleton was released from hospital a few days later. 

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