Kate Middleton’s First Declaration After Hospital Release

Kate Middleton was finally released from King Edward VII Hospital in London where she had been treated against severe morning sickness since Monday. The Duchess addressed very few words to the press, but looked healthy and happy upon her departure, the Associated Press announces.

Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton were photographed as they were leaving the building of the King Edwards VII Hospital in London on Thursday. The representatives of the hospital declared that the Duchess is feeling a lot better due to the medical treatment she has received during her hospitalization.

The two parents to be were all smiles as they greeted the reporters waiting for them outside the hospital’s building. The Duchess held a small bouquet of yellow flowers in her hands and reassured people that she was feeling much better. Even though her morning sickness got a lot milder since Monday, the Duchess revealed that she plans to get as much rest as possible in the following days. She and Prince William will stay at Kensington Palace, a residence of the Royal Family where the Duchess will not be disturbed by paparazzi or reporters.

Kate’s first pregnancy was announced on Monday after the Palace was forced to explain the Duchess’ urgent hospitalization. Even though the Palace did not say how long Kate was, they, nevertheless, revealed that the pregnancy was in its most early stages. In fact, the royal family wouldn’t have disclosed the information about Kate’s first child if they hadn’t been forced by her illness.

Reporters have made various suppositions in relation to Kate’s pregnancy. The majority of them have concluded that the Duchess hasn’t reached the 12 weeks term given the Palace’s reluctance to make the official announcement. Some have even suggested that Kate might have twins since her morning sickness is usually associated with this type of pregnancy. None of the rumors have been confirmed by the Royal Family.

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