Kate Middleton Jealous of Prince William’s Ex-Girlfriend

It seems that even the famous Duchess of Cambridge is dealing with some marriage problems, as Kate is said to be really jealous of William’s desire to attend the wedding of his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Hunt. Allegedly, William is determined to attend this event, despite his wife’s opposition. 

According to some insiders, William is quite eager to see Olivia and this made Kate feel quite insecure. This may be caused by the fact that Prince William’s royal male ancestors have a history with cheating and Kate is just worried. 

Prince William and Olivia Hunt have remained good friends, although they separated years back. The pair dated before William met Kate and she actually had been the first woman that the Prince dated at St. Andrews. Reportedly, Kate never liked the fact that William and Olivia remained friends. Moreover, Kate is said to be the reason why Olivia and William separated. Kate wanted to make sure that the two will not get back together, so she is believed to have moved to St. Andrews to be able to be with her boyfriend all the time. 

It has been claimed that Kate has always been jealous on other women, as she knows that her Prince was extremely popular. Despite the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge has also been jealous of Olivia, she and William decided to invite the Prince’s former girlfriend to their wedding. And of course, Olivia invited the royal pair to the event that is scheduled to take place soon. 

Well, this is not the first time when rumors say that Kate and William are dealing with some issues. Previously, it had been said that their marriage issues have kept the two apart for no less than one month while Kate was pregnant with Princess Charlotte. Reportedly, Queen Elizabeth reunited the two. These marital issues are said to be caused by the fact that Kate was too controlling and this was ruining their relationship. 

Kate was recently criticized for missing some friends’ weddings, where William was spotted alone or in the company of Kate’s sister, Pippa. The reason why Kate refused to attend these events remains unknown. 

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