Kate Middleton and Mother Are Wardrobe Twins

Is Kate Middleton’s mother afraid she’s getting old? Or she just wants to draw attention to her legs? Judging by the way she dresses, you would say she wants to be considered Kate’s older sister. On different occasions the paparazzi caught her and her daughter, Kate wearing similar outfits, whether it was a jeans, ensembles, shoes, or hats. If you browse the internet, you will surely find more photos that sustain what I’m saying. Let’s take some examples:

The Kat in the Hat

Both Kate and mom Carol have the same type of white haute couture hat with blue rose. They both wore it with blue elegant jackets, event though Kate’s had a more complex model.

The Russian Furry Hat

The cold weather inspired both women to get the same type of fuzzy brown fur hat. Still, Carol seems to be more resistant to cold, as she didn’t feel the need to accessorize too much. On the contrary, Kate added a scarf around her neck.

The Cowgirls

What could be nicer than a nice day out with your mother? Well, it depends on what you call nice. At the Festival of British Eventing in 2005, Kate and her mother looked like real wardrobe twins. Shouldn’t that concern any of them? They had an identical pair of jeans, very similar boots (in length, color, heel height), almost identical belts, and the upper part of the outfit, even though a bit different, has the same style. The only notable difference is the act that Kate wears a cowboy hat and mom doesn’t.

The City March

One day, the paparazzi caught Carol and Kate’s sister, Pippa, making shopping trip on the streets of London. They were both wearing the same navy inspired jackets, nearly identical boots and short wavy skirts.

Now, it’s clear that mother Carol, who is 56, doesn’t want to loose her youth to her daughters and all in all, this is not a bad thing. A woman should try to look her best at any age. And sometimes this means cosmetic care, sometimes it means plastic surgery, sometimes it means wearing clothes that make you look young. So, I guess it’s not necessarily the clothes she wears that attracts criticism, but the fact that she doesn’t seem to differ in style from her daughters. The question that arises is who is copying who?

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