Kate Hudson Reveals her Weight Changes from one Month to Another

Famous people always seem to look spectacular. Kate Hudson is without a doubt one of the stars who always appear to be in a great shape. Well, the actress has just recently claimed that actually her weight fluctuates with no less than five pounds every month. 

So, during a recent interview with People magazine, Kate revealed that it is quite difficult for her to maintain her weight, dealing with weight fluctuations each month. Kate claimed that controlling her weight hasn’t been simple, as her weight is never consistent, differences being even of five pounds each month. Kate explained these weight fluctuations through the fact that she likes to eat the foods that she enjoys. 

For instance, the star claimed that she is practically unable to resist foods such as pizza. “I have fluctuated [in weight] my whole life. I fluctuate at least five pounds every month,” Kate revealed. “I really want to reach people that are asking, ‘How do I get there?'” she went on to add. Well, although she likes to eat, Kate claimed that body looks are important to her. However, it is not everything that matters. The actress is well known to have been yo-yo dieting for several years. 

So, what Kate was trying to say is that happiness, and not looks, is what really matters. “It’s about health and mindfulness,” she explained. “Because you can have the greatest body and you can be really unhappy if that’s all you’re working toward.” Kate also said that enjoying the little things is also very important. 

“I think we’ve put so much focus on the results that everybody is forgetting to enjoy the process,” the beautiful actress said. “And really the only way you can get there in a way that is meaningful is if you enjoy it. And everybody has a different way of finding out what that is,” she went on to add. 

So, Kate believes that what should make everyone happy is being healthy mentally and physically, adding that this is extremely important also when it comes to achieving goals of improving looks. 

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