Kate Gosselin To Host A Cruise For The The Royal Caribbean

Celebrity is, without any doubt, worthwhile when it comes to money and wages that defy the ordinary. Plus, the best part is that a celebrity gets to have some of the greatest jobs in the world. For instance, Kate Gosselin got a new gig which seems to be more fun than work as she will host a cruise for the Royal Caribbean and Luxury Cruises & Tours.

Although some still think the idea was actually a joke, the fact is that it’s materialized into a promising affaire for Kate Gosselin. In fact, the gig is ongoing and it has started booking. It seems that her campaign works. It will be actually interesting enough to see how many of her Twitter followers have actually booked their ticket in response to Kate’s post: “I love all of this cruise talk! Have you booked your cruise with me yet?”

So, what is all this talk about the cruise? Well, Kate Gosselin is hosting a Caribbean Cruise this August. The journey starts on August 12, with departure from Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The cruise aboard the Allure of the Seas will take you to ports in Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico, with 179 square feet cabin rooms starting at $1,900. Allure of the Seas is the newest ship in Royal Caribbean’s class.

Where does Gosselin step in? If you want to meet the American television actress you can go to a private welcome cocktail party, at a barbecue brunch or charity dinner. She will even distribute a commemorative personalized gift to her fans and participate in a Q&A session as well as shore excursions with fans.

Charlene Failla, president of Luxury Cruises and Tours, said that after Kate posted the first tweet about the cruise “phones lit up with inquiries”. “As soon as Kate tweeted on Friday afternoon, our phones lit up with inquiries. It took off”.

For her trouble of taking the time to join in a journey to paradise aboard a luxury ship, Failla mentioned Kate will be compensated, as is standard for celebrity cruise hosts, without making any comment with regards to the actual amount of money.

Failla also added that Kate might take some of her children aboard. “We really don’t know” if she’s bringing all of them. “She did say she was bringing some of them”.

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