Kate Gosselin Talks About Imminent Divorce

Looking better and happier than ever before, Kate Gosselin talked about her failed marriage and imminent divorce with Katie Couric. Kate Gosselin said her marriage would have failed with or without the TLC reality show.

When in December 2009, Kate and Jon split up, it was shocking news. Everybody thought having their private life on constant display might have finally taken its toll, but Kate Gosselin says it wasn’t the reality show that messed up her marriage. In fact, their marriage was heading towards an imminent divorce with or without “Jon & Kate Plus 8”.

“A lot of people try to pin reality TV and say, ‘My gosh. It ended in divorce. Big surprise’” Kate Gosselin told Katie Couric. “We went through a lot. The signs were always there and obviously having eight kids in a short span of time didn’t help that” the 37-year-old reality show star confessed. “And I’m not at all blaming my kids, I’m just saying” Kate added.

Part of the reason why everybody kept current with Jon and Kate’s numerous and loud family was to see how they could handle it. Having two children in the house is sometimes intensely overwhelming for parents, but what about eight?! It was always a surprise that Jon and Kate didn’t lose their cool much often.

“I know the red flags were always there” Kate Gosselin told Katie Couric about her failed marriage. “So looking back, had you never heard the names Jon and Kate Gosselin, I’m certain that I would be in that spot now. It’s hard because like any mom I just want the best for my kids” Kate Gosselin added.

So now that she has put behind her failed marriage with Jon, Kate Gosselin might just start dating. “I don’t know that I really have time for it. I know the kids have a desire for me to be dating” she told Katie. And it might just be a great idea for a reality show: Kate Gosselin tries dating!

“After a few years in realizing my barriers to dating and all of that and loving TV and the experience…I just feel like honestly, yes, that was my idea” said Kate Gosselin about getting another reality show. “I think that it would be fun because that would allow me to sort of meet people, have fun, show my fun side – I do have one” she gushed.

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