Kate Gosselin Owes Marriage Counselor $10,000

In a courtroom, this week, it was decided that Kate Gosselin would pay over 10,000 dollars to her marriage therapist in Pennsylvania, reports Associated Press.

Although Jon and Kate Gosselin got divorced in 2009, nobody can say now that they haven’t tried working out things between them after taking that step. The protagonists of the TV reality show “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” have been seeking help to make their marriage work. And they found Sylvia Lafair, the president of Creative Energy Options. She says that she had a verbal contract with both of them. That happened in 2009, in March, about eight months before their divorce was finalized. According to Mrs. Lafair, the couple asked her to fly from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California to provide marriage counseling to them.

After the counseling, she sent Jon, 34, and Kate 36, the bills for her services, but none of the clients has ever paid or responded in any other way. Jon ignored the bill, and Kate said that only Jon asked for Sylvia Lafair’ services and benefited from them.

Still, the court didn’t take into consideration her statement.  Judge Gerald Feissner issued an order for Kate Gosselin to pay exactly 10,476 dollars to the Creative Energy Options Company. However, this hasn’t been good news for Kate, so she is not ready to pay up. She decided she won’t give up the money without a fight. The Gosselin mom hired an attorney to file and appeal in the case, on Tuesday, says Pennsylvania’s Times Standard.

Jon Gosselin married Kate on June 12, 1999. They met 2 years earlier. When they wanted to start a family they discovered infertility problems. Kate was discovered polycystic ovary syndrome. After turning to fertility treatments, in February 2000, Kate was pregnant with twins. Three years later they decided to have more babies and turned to fertility treatments again. This time, she was pregnant with sextuplets.

In April 2009, one month after the marriage counseling, Jon was caught cheating. On the other hand, Kate was said to be romantically involved with one of her bodyguards. In June 22, they filed for a divorce, which was finalized in December 2009.

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