Kate Gosselin denies having had a facelift

Reality star Kate Gosselin denies having had a facelift. More than that, she writes on her new blog that she takes these rumors as a compliment to the great way she looks. The 36-year-old mother of 8 has had some plastic surgeries done over the years, but considers she is too young for a facelift.

The “Kate + 8” reality star says that all the rumors in regard to her changed appearance due to a recent facelift are not true. However, she was not upset by the comments gravitating around her lately, as these mean that she really looks better than before. “With all the buzz about me having had a facelift, I will confirm that I have not had one”, she writes on her new blog on Coupon Cabin. She also outlines the fact that she is 36, using three exclamation points. “But I will take all of the talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment”, Kate adds and sends thanks to all the people who believe that.

The speculations regarding Gosselin’s younger look started last week. A number of magazines, including Us Weekly, have drawn attention to this aspect. Moreover, the magazines talked to several sources that did not confirm any surgery, but backed-up the general idea of Kate being vain. “She’s consumed with her appearance”, a source told Us Weekly and continued by saying that Kate’s purpose is to look a decade younger.

Kate Gosselin did not hide her two previous plastic surgeries. In 2007 she underwent a tummy tuck procedure and in 2009 she enhanced her bust line.
What do you think: did Kate have a facelift, or not?

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  1. This woman is relentless and emotionally void so that she constantly needs negative media attention. She needs major therapy. Who cares if she had a face lift, she is an exploitative mother.

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