Kasey Kahne Wins Third Coca-Cola 600 In Career

What better way to prove you’re the best than winning a race for the third time? Kasey Kahne proved himself to fans once again by scoring his third Coca-Cola 600 win in career.

It might have been only the first win of the season, but for Kasey Kahne his third Coca-Cola 600 win is a milestone. For once, this is Kasey Kahne’s first win since he joined Hendrick Motorsports. The win is also securing Kahne in the Top 25 in owners points and a starting position each week.

Basically, Kasey Kahne’s win of the Coca-Cola 600 is revamping his whole season. It also shows that finally he had the right wheels at hands. The car owner, Rick Hendrick, is enjoying the win next to Kahne, but for him the winning strike goes way back. It might have been Kahne’s first win for Hendrick Motorsports, but the team has scored its 201st Sprint Cup series victory.

The race on Charlotte Motor Speedway was pretty tight. Kahne came in first, but Denny Hamlin was only five seconds behind him. Kyle Busch and Greg Biffle came in the following ranks, with the rest of the Hendrick team managing to finish in top 10. Dale Earnhardt Jr. finishes on six, and Jeff Gordon followed him closely, on seventh.

Kasey Kahne told the media after successfully leading in all the 96 laps of the Coca-Cola 600: “I just know that the cars and the people we have that Mr. Hendrick gives us is everything that we need to win”.

“We’ve had speed, but we haven’t been nearly as fast as Jimmie Johnson or a couple guys winning the races” explained the winner of the Coca-Cola 600. “I knew I needed to step up. Our team is solid. Tonight we were able to put it all together. We had a car that was perfect throughout the last 150 laps” concluded Kahne.

He seemed quite confident about winning upcoming competitions, but Kahne was quite worried about his chances at the beginning of the season. Hendrick explained that his lead driver was quite bothered with the poor results. “You could see it was bothering him. I tried to reassure him that we’re in this for the long haul” said Hendrick when the team was struggling 14 places away from the leader.

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