Kara DioGuardi, Song Writer Extraordinaire on American Idols

One of the most influential figures behind the scene at the moment in the music industry is Kara DioGuardi. The song writer composed hits for various top Billboard charts stars such as Pink, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.
Currently Kara is one of the judges for the American Idol and although she seems like a new face to most of the show fans, they are unaware of having had her around for a long time via the hits she wrote over the years.

Up until recently DioGuardi’s life was a mystery despite her success and influence in the music industry. Her interview for E! though reveals for the first time ever on a television show the person behind the songs and her journey towards becoming one of the most successful song writers the industry has at the moment. She was accompanied in telling her story by her husband, Mike McCuddy, her borther, John, her closest friends, colleagues, American Idol Executive Producer Ken Warwick and artists she composed for.

During her interview Kara talked about getting the judge spot at American Idol and how much she doubted she would ever make it. “I must have done something right because the next thing I knew I was on a plane to meet Simon Cowell in England.” As to her relationship with Simon, Ken Warwick described it like a true rollercoaster, Cowell went from loving her to hating her and back up again on a daily basis.

Kara’s first step into the music industry happened at the aid of Larry Flick, Former Dance Music Editor of Billboard states, who got her the first interview with a BMG representative. He recalls her being nervous and mostly torn to pieces by the BMG scout who dismissed the color of her hair and the shape of her nose. Yet he helped further introduce her to the industry.

One of DioGuardi’s closest friends is Paula Abdul who she met in a stressing time in both their lives. Paula was recovering from her divorce and Kara from losing her mother to cancer. Abdul offered her a job as writer on her album and invited Kara to live for that period in her house in Los Angeles.

The E! show dedicated to Kara DioGuardi aired October 26th at 10.00 p.m.

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