Kanye West wants More Children

Without a doubt, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have a very beautiful family together. The two famous stars have been a married couple for about three years and they have two children together. Kim has not made a secret from the fact that she would love to have more children, but unfortunately for the star she is no longer able to safely carry a child.

Well, now it has been claimed that Kanye would also love to have more children with his famous wife. Kanye and Kim have recently spent a family trip with their two children in the Bahamas. The trip was scheduled as a series of rumors claimed that Kim and Kanye were dealing with serious marriage issues and were close to a divorce.

Now, Hollywood Life reported that Kanye actually talked with Kim about having more children during this recent family trip. The rapper expressed his desire to be a dad once again, as Kanye is putting a lot of focus on his family. The rapper had a very difficult year and Kanye wants his family to be his main priority at the moment. “Kanye loves his family so much and really wants more kids,” a source claimed.

The same insider explained that having more children would also be good for the marriage, but an important factor that the two have to consider is Kim’s health. “He definitely brought it up on the trip. Kim would love to [have more children] as well in a perfect world, but the reality is that pregnancy is so hard on her it may not happen,” the source said.

Kim has previously revealed that her health condition does not allow her to safely become pregnant, so she has actually been begging her younger sister, Khloe, to be her surrogate. It is unclear if Khloe gave a response on this.
Meanwhile, it seems that Kim and Kanye enjoyed a great time in the Bahamas. Some insiders claimed that the two had an amazing time and Kanye was very happy to be away with his family.

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