Kanye West Talks about Racism

Kanye West decided to talk about racism during his speech at the Interracial Relationships and Racism BET Honors ceremony. During the awards ceremony, Kanye West was recognized for his creative efforts, receiving the Visionary Award. 

So, Kanye West was among the people to be honored during the eight annual BET Honors ceremony. The ceremony took place in Washington DC, but was only aired on Monday night. Well, Kanye had quite a powerful speech when receiving his award. The famous rapper who is well-known for never being afraid to speak his mind, talked about racism. Kanye talked in his speech about Kim’s father and how he reacted to racism. 

“She never saw her father curse, get mad, he was the most laid back human being. And he went so crazy and tried to chase the people down,” the rapper said. “And she sat there crying saying, ‘Dad, you’re going so crazy?’ And he said to her, ‘one day you may have a black child…a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful black child…and it’s gonna be hard. You’re gonna see how hard it is.’ So true enough, we deal with racism, because there are different races. Or the micro of it is that we focus on the different races, as opposed to the macro, which is the human race.”

“The bit of sound bites that everyone loved from last year that got taken out of context, or misunderstood, did come from a place of saying, ‘yes, part of the reason why I’m not allowed to be empowered is because of race, because of people’s perception of celebrity,’ because all they want to present to young black men is the idea of making it to the league or making it to be a rapper, but not the idea of becoming an owner,” Kanye West’s speech added. 

Kanye West actually gave a 9 minute speech on the stage. Kim Kardashian accompanied her husband at the event, being in the first raw. Of course, Kim was there to support her husband. However, before starting to talk about the main subject of the night, Kanye managed to embarrass his wife. The star claimed that his wife “has dated broke black dudes, so it ain’t got nothing to do with the money.” 

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