Kanye West Reportedly Wants DNA Test for Daughter North West

When it comes to the Kardashians, rumors are constantly on regarding on the famous stars’ relationships. Now, the latest rumors are linked to the marriage of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The pair is said to be dealing with some serious problems and Kanye might actually think that he is not the real father of his daughter, North West. 

So, Kanye is reportedly seeking a paternity test. The news was first reported by Star magazine, which indicated that Kim actually used the sperm of one of her former boyfriends to get pregnant. So, the report did not claim that Kim cheated on her husband, but that she tricked Kanye to believe that she was pregnant with him. 

Star magazine claimed that Kanye is determined to get the paternity test to find out if this is true. The report said that Kanye and Kim were early in their relationship when the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wanted to get pregnant. Kanye was not ready to have a child yet, but Kim refused to wait. So, she reportedly created this plan with the purpose to trick the famous rapper to believe that it was really his child. 

“Kim may have had one of the embryos implanted. She didn’t have time to wait for Kanye,” a source talking to Star claimed. The same insider went on to say that the pregnancy came as a surprise for many people close to the pair. Kim announced the pregnancy in 2012 and at that time she and Kanye were not dating for long. So, the source claimed that the reason why the couples’ friends were “suspicious” about the pregnancy was linked to the fact that the two have not been together for long. 

“People are speculating that Kim tricked Kanye into believing they conceived in Italy so he wouldn’t figure out the real story that she’d already been implanted with an embryo that had another man’s DNA!” the insider concluded. Without a doubt, the claims seem quite hard to believe. And, in fact, they were already dismissed by a source talking to Gossip Cop. This insider said that the whole story was untrue. 

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