Kanye West Quits Tidal Due to Debt

It seems that a feud might be going on between Kanye West and Jay-Z. According to the latest reports, Kanye decided to leave Tidal, which is Jaz-Y’s company. Apparently, the reason why Kanye made this decision is linked to the fact that he is upset that he did not receive some money he allegedly is owed.

And it seems that Kanye is really furious because of this. So, we can surely assume at this point that Kanye and Jay-Z have been feuding even before Jay-Z’s diss track. Actually, some reports claimed that there might be a legal proceeding launched in this fight. TMZ reported that Kayne left Tidal because the company, according to him, owes him no less than $3 million.

TMZ claimed that Kanye has been furious and frustrated with the company “for a long time.” The same report indicated that Kanye decided to turn to the help of a lawyer in this matter. The lawyer is said to have sent a letter to Tidal about one month ago, informing Jay-Z’s company that it was in breach of their contract. Allegedly, the lawyer also informed Tidal that its agreement with Kanye West had ended. After that, some negotiations followed between the two sides.

It has been claimed that the negotiations lasted around two weeks, but unfortunately for Kanye and Jay’s company, an agreement could not be reached. That allegedly was the moment when Kanye’s lawyers decided to send another letter to Tidal saying that the contract was over.

Apparently, problems between Kanye and Jay-Z started some time ago. Kanye was very upset with Jay-Z’s track, Kill Jay Z, but that was not all. It has been claimed that a lot of issues between the two rappers started building up and it seems that Kanye refused to take this any longer.

Kanye accused Tidal of failing to give him a bonus for the Saint Pablo album, which was a huge success and helped Tidal get no less than 1.5 million new subscribers. However, Tidal claimed that it owed Kanye nothing because he failed to deliver the music videos he was contracted to give, thus, the company will pay him nothing. It is yet to see if this report will be confirmed and how this legal issue will end.

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