Kanye West Confirms Love For Kardashian On Theraflu

Had the time to hear Kanye West’s latest single Theraflu? Well, if you’re not the particular fan, let me give you some hints that make this particular song quite interesting: “Can’t a young n—a get money anymore/ Tell PETA  my mink is draggin’ on the floor, …and I admit I fell in love with Kim/ about the same time she fell in love with him”. Caught on yet? It seems that Amber Rose was right and Kim’s being dragged into something she might not welcome in her being a “private” person moment. Kanye West confirmed his love for Kim Kardashian on single Theraflu.

Just the other day, Kim Kardashian was shooting for the cover of a magazine and saying she’s going to change something in her live. Apparently the glamorous life and paparazzi showers might be too much for her, as she said she’s going to focus more on her and try to be a “private” person. Obviously, nobody told Kanye West!

Kanye West released a new track, called Theraflu and this single is going to go viral because of the story. The rapper talks about how he fell in love with Kim Kardashian, he hints about his previous girlfriend Amber Rose and her now beau Wiz Khalifa and even Kris Humphries. Let me give you the actual lyrics:

“And the whole industry want to f— your old chick/ Only n—- I got respect for is Wiz/And I admit I fell in love with Kim/Around the same time she fell in love with him/Well that’s cool baby girl, do your thing/Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team”.

The media has more than on one occasion reported about a more romantic relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and Amber Rose, the rapper’s previous girlfriend has made a lot of fuss on the matter. She one time accused Kim of being a home-wrecker and added that the reality show star and the rapper were cheating on her and Kris Humphries.

However, both stars said they were just friends. Kim told Ryan Seacrest in March about her relationship with Kanye: “We’ve been friends for years. It’s so funny – you take a picture with someone, you support them. You know, he supported me at my Dash opening in New York. We just support each other; that’s what friends do”.

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