Kanye West claims Kim Kardashian is Beyonce’s Inspiration

Kanye West has definitely used all his fans with his shocking revelations. Now, the famous rapper claimed that Beyonce’s music is actually inspired by no one else than his wife Kim Kardashian. The rapper made these claims during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club radio. 

Kanye West claimed that Beyonce looks to Kim for music inspiration, revealing that she actually keeps photos of Kim close by when she writes her music. “When Beyoncé was working on her album, she had pictures of Kim on the wall because Kim represents powerful women,” Kanye claimed. The statements made by Kanye are quite shocking. And it definitely is hard to believe that Beyonce would keep photos of Kim in her music studio for inspiration. 

Without a doubt, these rumors also come in contradiction with the previous rumors indicating that Beyonce does not want to be associated to Kim and Kanye. Well, Kanye continued to claim that Beyonce and Kim actually love each other. “They love each other. They respect each other,” the rapper claimed. “They definitely respect each other, but maybe there’s a Lebron James-Kobe [Bryant] element to it, but I ain’t say that,” Kanye continued to say. 

However, Kanye also praised Beyonce. “I think Beyonce is a great representation of an artist working hard and trying her best and getting the results from it,” the rapper said. It is yet to find out what Beyonce has to say about these latest comments made by Kanye. During the same interview, West talked about his former girlfriend, Amber Rose. “If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be an Amber Rose,” Kanye claimed. “It’s very hard for a woman to wanna be with someone that’s with Amber Rose. I had to take thirty showers before I got with Kim.” Amber Rose actually started a war with the Kardashian-Jenner family a few days ago, when she claimed that Tyga left his family to be with 17-year old Kylie Jenner, who is just a baby. 

Kanye West is said to be working at the release of a single with Taylor Swift. It is yet to see what the famous rapper has prepared for his fans. 

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