Kanye West Asks Scott Disick to be Responsible

Kanye West is the only man that the Kardashians can count on for support. The husband of Kim Kardashian seems to feel responsible for the family, so he actually asked Scott Disick to man up and seek help for his issues. A source recently claimed that Kanye called Scott and told him to go to rehab and cancel his nightclub appearance at Las Vegas’ 1Oak. 

According to some sources, Kanye asked Scott to seek rehab treatment also for his own good. Supposedly, the rapper cares about him and believes that Scott needs help and the right treatment for his drinking problems. Scott Disick separated from Kourtney Kardashian after no less than nine years together. The former pair has three children together. 

Well, Kanye is said to have claimed that Scott needs to “get his act together for the kids.” Actually, ever since it has been revealed that Scott was leaving his family, reports said that Kanye was really concerned for the children. 

“Kanye is furious, maybe the most furious of everyone. He’s saying that a real man doesn’t abandon his family like Scott is doing,” an insider claimed after the separation news was revealed. “He has made it crystal clear that he’s willing to step in and be a strong male figure to the kids if they need him to be. He feels strongly about that.”

According to some reports, Scott has really listened to Kanye’s advice and has decided to check into rehab. Reports indicated that he checked into a Boca Raton rehab facility in Florida, on Thursday. However, it seems that Scott didn’t like it there or maybe he achieved a miraculous cure, as only in six hours he left the facility. The star also took Kanye’s advice when it comes to his 1Oak appearance, which he canceled. 

Well, everyone in the famous Kardashian-Jenner family hoped that Scott will finally be able to solve his issues and be a responsible father. “He needs to have a healthy relationship with his kids, and he can’t have that unless he has a healthy relationship with Kourtney and her family. Everyone’s hoping he finally makes the right choice,” a source concluded. 

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