Kanye West Allegedly Tried to Attack Gym Staff before his Hospitalization

Without a doubt, Kanye West is dealing with some issues. While the star has not confirmed the reason of his hospitalization, a series of rumors have emerged on this subject. And naturally a series of claims have been made about how Kanye was hospitalized. 

One new report indicated that the star was admitted to hospital after he tried to attack a gym staff member. TMZ claimed that it talked to the personal physician of Kanye West, Dr. Michael Farzam, who claimed that the star tried to attack one of the workers at a gym located in Los Angeles. The physician said that this was the moment when Kanye was sent to the UCLA Medical Center to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 

TMZ also reported that Dr. Farzam was actually the one who called the emergency services to take Kanye in for treatment and observations. In the emergency call, the doctor said that his patient’s name was “Jim Jones, 39 years old.” He also said that the patient suffers from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration. At the time of the call, Dr. Farzam said that the patient was not violent. However, it seems that things changed when the police arrived, being claimed that Kanye turned violent during those moments. 

TMZ claimed that Kanye was handcuffed and was placed on a psychiatric hold. Of course, immediately after being informed of what happened, Kim rushed to the hospital to be there for her husband. However, it seems that the reports of psychiatric hold were dismissed. 

People magazine claimed that although the rapper was hospitalized, the hospitalization was not against his will. In fact, the report said that the star was not placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold and Kanye was the one who wanted to seek medical assistance. “There was a small altercation at the gym but he was deemed medically stable and decided to seek medical help at his doctor’s request,” a source said. “We’re super confident he’s going to pull through,” the same insider added. The source also said that Kanye is doing fine.

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