Kanye West Accused Kim Kardashian of not Spending Time with Their Children

It seems that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are dealing with some marriage problems. Actually, the rapper has reportedly accused his wife of not wanting to spend time with their two children. It seems that what Kanye wants is for Kim to be more at home and focus less on her career. 

So, Kanye accused his wife of putting work before family and avoiding to spend time when the children on Mother’s Day. The claims were actually made during the newest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kanye wanted to confront his wife about her busy schedule and the fact that she has no time for her family. 

The Mother’s Day was already celebrated in May, so the episode was filmed then although it aired only now. Well, Kanye seemed to have wanted to plan a special day with his wife and their two children, but Kim wanted to focus on her career. The rapper got very upset when he realized that Kim was supposed to be in New York, instead at home with her family. 

“Are we going with you or you just don’t wanna see your husband and children on Mother’s Day,” the famous rapper asked his wife, referring to this New York trip. Of course, Kim reacted immediately to the outrage of her husband, so she rearranged her plans for her to be at home for the special day. 

Well, although the issue might have been solved for the moment with Kim remaining at home, this is not the first time when the pair has been dealing with some issue because of their busy schedules. Kim herself revealed last month that her husband was very disappointed in her because she missed a video shoot. 

Like any other celebrity couple, a series of rumors are constantly linked to Kanye and Kim. However, despite all rumors, it seems that things are good between the two stars. Kanye and Kim are parents to two children, a daughter and a son. At some point rumors indicated that the two even considered having a third child. 

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