Justin Timberlake poses with hot blonde actress

Singer-turned-actor Justin Timberlake posed in a way you didn’t see him before, with a hot blonde actress for W magazine. The hot blonde is Hollywood’s new rising star Amanda Seyfried. The photo shooting pictures the duo is a married couple in the high political class. With the occasion, Amanda also revealed that a piece of her past had something to do with Justin, but it was embarrassing.

The October issue of W magazine will have Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried on the cover, posing as a couple whose life is revolved around the White House. The photos illustrate a parody after a Washington sex scandal.  Amanda impersonates both the blonde sweet and elegant wife, and the sensual and wild mistress. Justin, on the other hand is looking like he is trapped, but has no clue about it.

Amanda Seyfried, whom you have seen lately on the big screen in the horror movie “Red Riding Hood”, reveals that when she knows Justin since she was a teenager. Well, if you count listening to his music, buying his albums and knowing everything it’s written in the music magazines about him, knowing. She was an N’Sync fan. But, as she says, she has been given a hard time about it! “It was embarrassing to be an *NSYNC fan in high school”. However, in middle school, she says she got away with it. “I definitely danced in my friend’s basement for hours and hours to *NSYNC’s first album”.

Timberlake started off in a boy band, but it was his solo career that gained him the popularity he enjoys at present. Now, that he has also embraced an acting career for some time, Justin confesses that “in films, I didn’t crave the type of attention I had sort of stumbled into in my music career. And I do not audition well.” He says that when he did “Alpha Dog” and “Black Snake Moan” the directors did not make him come to auditions and that was actually his luck!

Amanda admits it was a pleasure posing with Justin. “Justin was great — he had come from doing ‘Friends With Benefits,’ where he basically had sex every day at work — and so it was easy for both of us.” Should Jessica Biel worry?

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