Justin Timberlake is back with Jessica Biel

After a few months of spending some time “seeing other people”, singer-actor-entrepreneur Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel might have realizes they are made for each other. According to a source of the Us Magazine, the two are now a couple again. But the matter is … Shhhhh!

Cameron Diaz wasn’t too happy when beau, curly-young-30-year-ol Justin has given her a pass for eternity so he could make out with Jessica Biel in peace. So maybe, just maybe, when the two lovebirds have split in March this year, she may have been in the “I told you so “mood”. After talking about their awkward intimate scene between them in the upcoming movie …. People may have thought, hoped, or hoped not to see them together again. No worries. Apparently Justin hasn’t lost his interest in sexy Jessica Biel, whom he started seeing again, according to a source on the Us Weekly.

It may take more than 4 years of dating before finishing all they have to say to each other. The source tells Us Weekly that Justin and “Jessica are quietly seeing each other again.” So who was the one who changed his mind? And why? “They have been talking the whole time and decided to give it another shot. Jessica really wanted to get back together with him and Justin realized single life is not what it’s cracked up to be,” the source says.

Us Weekly says that on July 4, the reunited couple ate pork tacos at the Black Hoof in Toronto. Is this enough to believe they are back to kissing and cuddling? Another source says it’s not yet appropriate to think that because they’re just spending time together and taking things slowly.”

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  1. justin relized nothing was gonna happen with mila so he went back to old jessica. Justin was in fact interested and having fun with mila but i think after the two became close, mila got annoyed of him too quickly.

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