Justin Bieber’s Probation Ends

Justin Bieber has finally managed to put behind one of the legal issues to which he had been associated. The famous singer completed his 12 hours of anger management counseling and his 40 hours of community labor. This means that the star is finally off probation. 

Without a doubt, Justin Bieber is happy to be able to put this case behind him now. The star was also required to pay $90,000 in restitution. Well, not only that Bieber managed to put the case behind him, but he was actually praised for his dedication. So, the star was praised by his probation officer, while the judge seemed to be pleased with the fact that Bieber was so committed. 

For the case to end, Bieber’s lawyer, Shawn Holley made an appearance in front of a judge. The judge accepted the positive report on Bieber’s probation and agreed to end the case. TMZ reported that Justin had an extremely positive behavior while completing his community work. The celebrity site said that the singer worked for Volunteers of America. Donny Gomez, who runs the organization, had only good things to say about the Baby singer. 

Donny Gomez said that Justin was a “great worker” and the star did everything required having no complaints and “no problem getting his hands dirty and moving heavy objects.” Among the tasks that Bieber had to complete was picking up garbage and painting walls. “He was a great influence to our clients and a pleasure to have,” Donny Gomez said. 

“I truly believe he has learned his lesson and will be a productive member of society and a great human being,” he went on to add. So, it surely seems that Justin made a great impression. And the singer is definitely on the right track. Justin has also managed to stay away from more issues in the past few months, staying focused on his music and his career. 

The probation was linked to the January 2014 case in which Justin was accused of attacking his neighbor’s house with eggs. The star pleaded no contest to the charges and was placed on probation.

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