Justin Bieber Willing to Propose in Central Park

Justin Bieber was willing to propose to his future wife in Central Park. It seems that the popular singer always knew that this was the perfect place for him to make the wedding proposal. 

However, the star said that sometimes things change, so he claimed that the Central Park proposal is behind him now. The singer said that when this moment will come, he will actually plan a more romantic proposal than that. 

Justin Bieber is well known for the troubles in his life, as well as for the on and off relationship with singer and actress Selena Gomez. The couple seems to be back together, being spotted several times in the past few weeks. Moreover, posts on Instagram and other social media sources indicate that the two are pretty happy together. 

Actually, Justin and Selena were even seen together at the Coachella Music Festival. The star appeared on the stage with Chance The Rapper during the famous festival, Justin being a surprise guest for the event. There is no word on whether this future wife that Justin was talking about is Selena or not. 

Justin seems to have come to a better behavior now. The star was even spotted getting outside of his hotel to greet the fans. Even though Justin seemed to be on his way, the star took the time to take pictures with his fans. 

Justin might be thinking about wedding proposals and focusing on his fans now, but his troubles are far from ending. New reports revealed that the singer was captured on camera laughing and high fiving a friend following the moments when the star threw eggs at his neighbor’s house. Justin Bieber currently is under investigation related to this incident. 

Prosecutors are considering to charge Bieber with felony vandalism. What will happen in this case is about to see. Until then, maybe Justin will be able to stay away of more trouble. The star received a good news, too, as the proposal made to have him leave the United States was rejected by the administration. A petition was created by Americans to have Bieber return to Canada. 

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