Justin Bieber was attacked by a man New York

While promoting his new fragrance at Macy’s department store n New York, pop star icon Justin Bieber was attacked by a man, knocking him down and screaming at him, Access Hollywood reports.

The singing superstar was in the center of attention at an event hosted at Macy’s department store in Manhattan, New York, when he had maybe the toughest, roughest, scary experience so far. Out of nowhere – FOX 5 reports – a man jumped over a security barricade aiming at Bieber. He went straight to him and jumped over the teenager, knocking him down in a second. Bieber was on the ground, stupefied. According to a witness he said “What? What?”. The man was tackling him while screaming. It was only a matter of seconds before the security guards grabbed the man and placed him in the police custody. The man was rapidly removed from the scene.

Some witnesses say that he was not knocked to the ground, some say yes. One other witness says I saw that guy going around, but I didn’t think anything about it, but all of a sudden he just jumped…Three guys were holding this guy back” Eyewitness News reports.

The police said that the man was 47 years old. They did not give his name and did not give any additional details concerning the incident. The teenager was not injured
Bieber was launching his new fragrance, Someday.

However, the singer of “Never Say Never” was shaken by the scene described by Access Hollywood as reportedly chaotic. The security guards had to hold Bieber back from the crown that was threatening to swallow him. Justin recovered from the shock rapidly – at least in appearance and returned to greeting his fans.

Up to this moment, there was no comment from Bieber’s representatives in regard to the incident. The pop singer is in the middle of a tour of the Big Apple. On June 22 was the guest of David Letterman’ Late Show. On Thursday he made an appearance on The View and in the evening he will be appearing at the premiere of “Monte Carlo” with girlfriend Selena Gomez by his side.

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