Justin Bieber Wants Selena Gomez Back

It seems that Justin Bieber still has feelings for Selena Gomez and he wants her back. The singer recently said that Selena is the most elegant princess in the world

Justin Bieber made his intentions clear when he posted on his Instagram a picture of Selena at the Oscars. The singer wrote a comment as he posted the picture. “Most elegant princess in the world,” Justin shared. 

Justin Bieber has become quite well known as one of the most troubled young stars at the moment. Justin has been several times arrested and the singer seems absolutely unable to stay away from problems. 

It is unclear what Justin had in mind when he posted the picture of Selena. He might think that the actress and singer looked great, but he might also show how much he wants his former girlfriend back. 

A huge scandal was linked to Justin and the singer, as it was said that Bieber actually bragged of being the one who took Selena’s virginity. It remains unknown if Selena and Justin are still friends after the separation. 

The two were last spotted together in January. Selena entered back then to rehab, due to exhaustion issues. The star tried to keep her rehab stint a secret. However, after the news broke, Selena went to thank all her fans for their support. 

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been together for about 3 years, between 2010 and 2013. The couple separated in 2013 and briefly reunited, but it seems that the relationship could not work any longer for the two. 

Selena Gomez attended the Oscars party looking absolutely great. She wore a lovely Emilio Pucci dress. Bieber and Selena Gomez attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party together, back in 2011. Now, Selena was spotted alone at the event. 

The actress only posted on her Twitter a pic with her friend Vanessa Hudgens. The star seemed to have a great time. “My only, official party buddy for life ;),” Selena wrote. 

Naturally, Selena said nothing about Bieber’s post and she didn’t seem to be thinking about the star, at all. Bieber will be in court on March 10 in the case involving an assault over a limo driver. 

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