Justin Bieber to Take Anger Management Classes

Apparently, Justin Bieber will have to undergo anger management classes and donate no less than $50,000 in order to have charges for DUI dropped. 

New reports reveal that the Baby singer will reach a plea deal. The star will plead guilty and be ordered to undergo anger management classes, in order to avoid a conviction on this case. He will also have to make a large charitable donation and pay fees. These charges are linked to a DUI case in Miami, which dates back to January 23. It has been said that Bieber actually took part at an illegal street race. 

The star is said to plead guilty to careless driving and resisting on officer without violence. The Miami Herald reported that most likely Bieber will not make a presence in court at the hearing that is set to take place this week. 

Justin Bieber already is on probation, but on the case linked to misdemeanor vandalism. The star accepted a deal on this case, as well. He decided to take this no-jail deal and settle with prosecutors in order to avoid a sentence. In this case, Bieber was accused of vandalism on the property of his former neighbor. The singer was accused of causing the property damage of more than $20,000. 

Bieber was ordered to pay his former neighbor from Calabasas, California, the sum of $80,900 in compensation. “He should take care of the stuff that he messes up. It shouldn’t matter that he’s a celebrity. He can’t drive the way he does, say the things he does and destroy other people’s property and get away with it,” Bieber’s neighbor claimed back then. 

Well, it seems that Justin Bieber is ready now to solve all his legal issues. If the reports are true and the star will accept a plea deal in this case, too, Bieber will put behind another case which has caused many headlines. The star just seemed unable to stay away of problems. Maybe, Bieber has changed now and he is ready to focus on his career only.

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