Justin Bieber to Pay $80,000 to his Neighbor

Justin Bieber might be very close to settling the legal issue with his neighbor, who accused him of damaging his property. The star will pay no less than $80,000 for the damage he created to this property. 

It has been reported that Bieber was ordered to pay the sum of $80,000 to the neighbor whose house he pelted with eggs. The event dates back to earlier this year. The popular singer was charged with misdemeanor vandalism. Apparently, besides paying this sum in compensation, Bieber will also have to complete community service and anger management treatments. 

The young singer will have to make a presence in court on February 10. Until then, his community work has to be completed. Justin Bieber was not in court at the hearing that took place today. The star was also ordered to complete 12 anger management classes. 

Justin Bieber was charged with one count of vandalism in July. The incident took place in January, when the young singer started to throw eggs to his neighbor’s house, just to have fun. Apparently, he created a lot of damage to the expensive property, which led to the impressive sum he was ordered to pay in damages. 

Bieber is in the process of completing his community service, it has been revealed. Moreover, the star has already underwent no less than 10 classes of anger management. However, linked to this case the famous singer will remain on probation until 2016. This means that the star has to stay away of trouble for no less than one year. 

It has been revealed that Bieber has already paid this sum. The star’s lawyers claimed that this case will be finally close at the beginning of next year. Shawn Holley, Bieber’s lawyer, said in court that the star will complete all the judge has ordered by that time. Well, it seems that the star is determined to put this legal issue behind him now. However, it is yet to see if the young singer will really be able to stay on the right track this time.

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